ProSciCom is a collaboration of scientists, editors, trainers and translators specialized in various fields of science. We all share a passion for effective scientific communication.

We support researchers

Our goal is to help researchers acquire grants and publish their articles quickly. To achieve that goal, authors must communicate well. We ensure that they clearly and effectively communicate the relevance and credibility of their work.

Our unique interactive approach to editing

ProSciCom takes a unique, interactive approach to editing. We work with researchers and authors to first sharpen the readability, relevance and credibility of their grant proposals and articles; thereafter, we turn to the language editing. Unlike standard editing, thus, we provide feedback/coaching on both the scientific communication and the language. Besides improving the communication, this approach saves time, prevents wasted effort, and improves the writing skills of authors.

Our unique approach to courses and workshops

ProSciCom provides courses and workshops in scientific writing and presentation. Unique to our educational approach is that we give participants individual feedback, coaching and editing on their own manuscripts.

New! Statistical coaching and consulting

Professional Science Communication offers coaching on statistical analysis and reporting of statistical information. We collaborate with Petra Koopmans, a registered biomedical statistician. In our collaboration, Petra coaches researchers on appropriate statistical methods, techniques and can carry out data analyses. We, in turn, ensure that the statistical methods, analyses and interpretations are clearly understandable and support the credibility of the science.

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